Today we are in Switzerland for the C&C wedding. In a great place for getting ready and the party, the grand hotel du lac, in Vevey. The groomsmen are together to share the last moments with the groom, a very relax atmosphere, a lot of smile and fun. On the bride side it’s more intimate with her mother and grandma. The interesting point are the 2 “priests” for their 2 religions, both of them sharing the ceremony in a temple. A good exemple of mind very opened very very respectful for the others met to celebrate a marriage beyond the religion. A lot of emotion thinking about the missing persons of the family.

A short photoshoot along the lake with the mountain as an amazing backdrop with a very special light due to the lake and the twilight colors, a nice moment for them in order to have a break and take a breath before a great diner with game and dance floor..

let’s go…

a wedding in grand hotel du lac - vevey