contest awards

Contest awards


I am member of different associations of the wedding Industry and several time awarded, sometimes with the same photos this is the explanation you see several time the same in different contests)

Why to participate to the contest ? it’s a motivation to improve my eye, my approach and my skills. Through the award i am judged by others professional and it’s always difficult to accept when the result is not what i was expecting. It’s also a good reason to join the association: remain humble and always to do my best for my clients.

WPJA 2018 V18


WPJA 2018 V11



WPJA 2017 TRI 3

wpja award jacques mateos for magicflightstudio


WPS 2017 November

WPJA 2017 TRI1


WPS 2017 September

WPS 2017 27

ISPWP 2016 Q4

ISPWP 2015 Q4


award at ispwp contest
award at ispwp contest
award at ispwp contest
award at ispwp contest


WPJA 2016 Q2

WPJA 2015 Q1


wedding getting ready 1



ISPWP Spring 2015

ispwp spring 2015


ISPWP Winter 2014

ispwp 1




 WPS Collection XIII


WPS award-mateos 1WPS award-mateos 2WPS award-mateos 3




Mateos fearless 25



ISPWP Fall 2014


mateos 1_3




WPJA Q2 2014


jacques mateos wpja


ISPWP summer 2014


vrai mariage jacques mateos



WPS collection IX


french photographer award WPS 06french photographer ewcellence award WPS 06french photographer award WPS 01french photographer award WPS 02french photographer award WPS 03french photographer award WPS 04french photographer award WPS 05



Fearless 21 (May 2014)

destinatipon wedding photographer in France


 ISPWP WInter 2013



The 4 pictures which helped me to be ranked in the TOP 10 of the Fall 2013 ISPWP:

wedding photographer ISPWP 01wedding photographer ISPWP 02wedding photographer ISPWP 03wedding photographer ISPWP 04

WPJA Q3 2013:

wpja q3 2013 mateos 1wpja q3 2013 mateos 2