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 Who i am ?

In the case you jump directly on my photos in the galleries or blog post i have to say a few things about me:

Now, i am based in Loire Valley, France, i am full time photographer since 2007 when i understood that the rest of my life had to be something different…My passion became a job and I specialized in people, happy people, lovers, families and sometimes companies. I like emotions, i like parties, i like when the people laugh, i am touched when they cry.
Naturally i try to cover a wedding and since this 1st one i never stopped to shoot wedding and elopement, pre wedding or honeymoon, bridal and portrait photography. To summarize i cover events for people in love before,  during or after their wedding.  I move where you ask me to go…Even if i live in middle of France, i moved yet to Playa del Carmen, Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Quebec, Bruges,  Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes, Essaouira, Genève, Montreux, Lausanne , Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Séville, Florence, Guatemala, North Irland, London, Luxembourg and a few i forget…

I offer a style of photography influenced by the journalistic approach, just be natural and take it easy. My aim is to capture your couple and your wedding from the  bride’s and groom’s point of view, as you are pronounced husband and wife…I won’t get in your way and work as discreetly as possible. The only way to do is to let your day  flow by without being intrusive or interfering in any way. To move around, to listen, to stay candid with opened eyes… and remember your moments for a lifetime. I love to travel and to meet new people, i had the chance to cover wedding and elopement at  Playa del Carmen, Guatemala, Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Canada, Quebec, Bruges, Sevilla, Florence, Ireland, UK, Morocco, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle,New York, Seattle, Switzerland…

{my portrait in studio  by Milena Perdriel}

I am proud of all the stuff you can see in this site and it summarizes what i like and what i am. Ask me to shot something special, something you are dreaming about. Push me out of the standard limits and i will be happy.

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  • What could be your dream ??

How to be in touch ?

You can use the contact form underneath, at least you have above the different questions i have for you, otherwise you can try to reach me over th ephone: +33 698 549 494, this is my cellphone but i am very often shooting or focused on a task (coud be yours) let me a message but really, i prefer a mail.

Mine is contact followed by @mateoswedding.com

    In case of issue with this form, please use my mail adress: contact@mateoswedding.com

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