The wedding has been organized very quickly in Paris and i did not have the opportunity to meet D&S before they arrive. A part of the ceremony for getting ready and family presentation started at the Hyatt Regency. The very amazing Temple Gurudwara Singh Sabha located in Paris Suburb is not completely finished for their ceremony and that explains the material as a background… To summarize the wedding is very simple without glitzy decoration. Completed by a lunch at the Chateau de MontVillargenne. I did not meet Dipa or Sunny previously then i was focused on them and interaction with the family and people around. I have seen something between them, their eyes for each others, their connection during the ceremony. The love around them, the atmospher of calm and serenity. In the eyes of “D” something was special, she seemed very happy… just after the ceremony she had a movement of his right hand, a movement i have seen several time when the woman are waiting an happy event…

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jacques mateos french photographer for sikh or indian wedding in paris