Intimate wedding in Paris, almost an Elopement

An outdoor wedding in Paris, sunny October. Yes, it’s risky, outdoors in autumn and in Paris. They are daring, Lindsay and Billy, an immense joie de vivre, the desire to indulge themselves and to enjoy all the moments. LIndsay’s incredible smile, their eyes sparkling with happiness and their parents very moved both for this wedding but also to be together in Paris, a dream.
We met on a beautiful afternoon at the Trocadero. Obviously we attract attention and it’s less and less intimate. Billy is there, waiting for his princess of dragons (I expected them to arrive). She arrives, he can no longer hold back, come here with her, it was his dream, it comes true. The parents behind, moved, hold hands…you may kiss the bride, a cloud of Yiahhhh. We’ll pop the cork and drink a cup on the Bir Hakeim Bridge. They have fun like big kids, their joys are communicative and Lindsay’s smile stops everyone who passes around. Playful, romantic, teasing, jokers and all the time in love. Amazed until the end of our walk, a little girl comes to see the princess in the tiara, Billy takes her in his arms, the little girl comes to touch, it was a nice moment.


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