elopement in Paris, an intimate wedding

From Vancouver to Paris to elope, an intimate wedding with family and a few friends. It was simply great… because they were so friendly, so happy to come in Paris, because she is gorgeous, because he si so smart. Moreover a very nice family, so involved during the ceremony with beautiful speeches. A very simple lunch on the grass in front of the Eiffel tower.. what else?? A tour in Paris in a very old 2CV, the cheapest convertible car in the world. The magic moment with the blue bike cyling around the bride and groom,you don’t see it on the picture but the poeple on thebikeare the same as during the ceremony…..
we finished the session at the bottom of the Champ Elysées, we were at the red light waiting to make a shot when car stopped close to the bride, the driver opened the window and a pretty little girl wantedg to kiss the princess….

Just a dream.


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jacques mateos, paris photographer for elopement and intimate wedding in paris


[…] contrairement à mon ami Jacques, Nora et Edy on choisit de faire appel à moi pour leur Elopement à Paris. Ils avaient choisi un lieu magique, le Meurice, où nous avons eu la chance d’avoir accès […]