Indian wedding at Moonpalace Cancun

An indian wedding in Mexico, at the Moonpalace resort in Cancun. A fusion couple, a cup from India, a cup from Poland and a cup from USA. Family and friends meeting in Mexico, the wedding took place during several days in order the people make connections with each others. Unfortunately i won’t show you the cruise on the catamaran, a bit private… i had several time the opportunities to meet and to work with Polish guys and each times it has been  filled with good memories. Same with Indian, even from Chicago (thank you Jigna and Rahul) and good memories again.

Now we are getting ready for the Indian ceremony, but on the beach, very funny because the 2 ceremonies i photographed on the beach was in Cancun (one Jewish and one Indian now), it seems more difficult to have the opportunity to work on the beach in France… Anyway, boys and girls are in different part of the resort because we plan a first look, on a bridge. For the story, one of the guys said me he saw a crocodile just under the bridge where i was lying on for the couple photoshoot, argh..
To come back on the beach, you cannot imagine how it is difficult with 2 cameras on the sand, then please, when you see 2 different photos of the same moment done under 2 opposite angles, just think about me running on the sand…thank you.





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