Yes, i know, it can be surprising to see a french guy to cover a wedding in Vancouver and specially for a Chinese family… but basically why not??? I met Ivy & Ed for their pre wedding in Paris. We spent a few hours with each others sharing a lot of nice moment by day and night for a night session, talking also a lot about photo and vision. I shot a lot of different cultures and religions and i am very motivated by that. I know quite well the tea ceremony and the approach of the chinese tradition… Naturally they asked me about to shot their wedding, it was a pleasure to say yes and to discover a very nice family and group of friends. We did very few pic outdoor due to the weather (Quite normal for Vancouver). As long the temperature was decreasing outside more its was increaing inside the Hotel Pan pacific.

Come with me for sharing some moments..

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jacques Mateos, French wedding photographer in Vancouver for modern chinese family