Wedding Villa Taj O Mayma, Marrakech

We are in Morroco for the wedding of Jamila and Justin, at Villa Taj O Mayma in Marrakech. We are not in the middle of nothing, but not far, secluded enough to be quiet and far from the tumult of the Center. If you go on the terrace, you see the Atlas mountain and sand all around. These nice photos of the place were made with Isasouri as second photographer, who came to lend me 2 additional eyes and be where I would not be. Is what you see the general idea of the place is beautiful, it is green and sunny. We had begun the previous day with a Meeting of Families and friend in the “café arabe” of Marrakech, but I have already difficult to select the images of the day of the marriage for stay in a reasonable quantity, then no ! you will not see anything of this dinner. Today, it starts very quiet, precisely, too… and we take the delay and the fact to be in two will introduce its interest because ultimately we are going to make preparations in parallel, each with an eye to side. A nice ceremony at the shadow of the dais, among olive trees, many speeches (yes much…) which is that we are not going to have the time to make photos of torque, the night arriving very quickly, and dinner also).
We will do the photos of the couple next day and you have the chance, I will write an article specially for that (in the Majorelle garden, stay tuned).

We’ll take you with us in Marrakech…



wedding photographer in villa taj o mayma