wedding in Chasseloup Laubat

February 25, 2014

I love the jewish wedding for several reasons: the synagogue is a formal religious place but the people are always happy to bethere to celebrate the wedding and the second is for the party: a lot of music, a lot of dance. The lights give you the feeling to be at a rock concert and it’s  delightful to shot in these conditions. The synagogue Chasseloup Laubat is known for the decoration and the roof and struture made with pieces of wood. I would like to thank the rabbi who allows me to shot what i wanted.  On other hand as the rabbi was so opened i had to convince some people i was here to make photos and them to listen…. a very nice but short session in Paris before the party, it’s so easy to work with a bride like Lamiel, she loves photos, she loves to move with her dress, it was an easy job.

Let’s go to the party:

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