Wedding in Ireland, Bellingham castle

But where is Bellingham Castle? in fact it’s near Bellingham city, does it help you? just a little north of Dublin. We are still in the Republic of Ireland, very close to the limit. I’m very lucky, I had photographed Gavin’s proposal last year, click here if you’re curious: proposal in paris. We had talked about his origins, Ireland, and I find myself hoping to cross a ghost (it will not be this time again) and to take photos at the edge of a very typical water.
It is a castle very different from ours, built in the late nineteenth century, it has both sides very “Rococo” and a look “Ivanhoe” very surprising.

In short, it is an intimate marriage with parents, brothers, sisters, spouses and friends … leaving Ireland a few years ago, it is a return to the land of his country with his family. Just in place, we wait for the bride and a few drops begin to fall (Ireland in September ..) small break, we scrutinize each our apps weather, we have a window of 50 minutes, we go .. go! Finally we will have more and even for a couple session in the park, followed by a party watered … last picture. If you are interested by an elopement or a wedding Ireland you can obtain an Ireland package from Lovegracefully

view in front of the chateauthe gardenview through the window the wedding shoes something old a wedding bouquet, something blue the bride during getting ready wedding shoes with white ribbon bridesmaid very surprised the bride and her gown destination wedding photographer