destination wedding in countryside

What a great destination wedding in France, not a simple destination but in “Estivaux, Limousin”, maybe Perigord is more familar for you, ok, let say it’s not far (but no go without GPS…) Antoine and her family are from there and Dusty comes from San Francisco, with family and friends. A great meeting to share some values, opinions and culture. I am specially happy and proud with this, ok they are in love (obvious) but also they have a special level of connivance with each others but also with all the people there. It’s very difficult for me to limit the number of pictures for this post because i would like you feel the atmospher of this house, the kindness and happiness. Probably the first time that american guys dances with old french song and accordeon, as you can see, no limit to blend a traditional american style of “on line dance” and accordeon. The ceremony was so special, i let you check out the reason… Thank you Pascal for this opportunity and to remember i love that, thank you Antoine and Dusty for your smiles, thank you everyone i never forget these moments shared with me.

Also, Inside city did a great film you can see under the photos, a nice team, easy to work with.