You speak about my work better than me… Thank you for sharing your intimate and so emotional moments and to take the time to write me, that’s why i do this job…

Louise & George

Sorry, it’s in french…just remember i am able to say/predict when the sunshine will arrive for your ceremony…. this day i was good

mariage au chateau La Durantie


Lisa and Travis

What a very touching note you sent to Lisa and me.  Your words meant so much to us.  Lisa just said that in all of the photographs she has had taken of her (and that’s a lot), she has never had someone capture her true soul the way you did yesterday.  She says you have “melted her heart.”  Our good Lord has blessed you with a wonderful talent and we are so glad you shared it with us.



I just got the proofs. I am in LOVE with them!!!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited? You did such a wonderful job capturing our joy while in Paris! I am very happy with the proofs and look forward to getting the final hi-res images.



Michelle and Chad

Thank you for the link and print release. All was downloaded and we are happy with the images. Thank you for a fun experience in Paris and some great pictures to remember it by. We enjoyed our time and experience with you. You did a great job and we loved your creativity! All the best!


Vicki’s mother

Vicki and Sam arrived home last weekend and with them came the long awaited photos of the wedding. We spent hours looking through them, re living the day and the time leading up to it. Interestingly and amazingly, we had only a few amateur photos of the rehearsal dinner and the weeding, as most guests felt it would be best to leave photography to you. It just shows how comfortable was everyone with your presence and just how professional and unobtrusive your work was.

Looking at the photos, we were all transported back to the Chateau, to the unforgettable days before the wedding and to the day itself. Your photos captured not only a given moment, but our emotions inherent in that particular moment as well, they will be timeless reminders of not only what we did, but how we felt. There is absolutely nothing staged or prearranged in those pictures, they are as natural as only the best photographers could make them.

Please allow me to sincerely thank you for the utterly dedicated and professional approach you displayed form beginning to end, for the outstanding quality of your work and last but not least for your positive attitude and sense of humour. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you.

wedding in chateau La Durantie


Vicki and Sam from Australia

Firstly, the photos are AMAZING! Truly, truly beautiful. We cannot believe how natural they look, and how you captured so many precious moments for us. Words cannot describe how much we adore your art. There is no photography we have seen that even stands close to the quality of your work. We wish we could do it all over again!
Jacques, thank you for being such a wonderful part of wedding. We grew to consider you as part of the family, and you will always have a special place in our hearts. We are already planning our next trip to Europe – maybe in two years. It would be fantastic to see you again. I do hope we stay in touch. And if you ever consider coming to Australia, please let us know. You have a home here in Melbourne with us to stay.


Natasha and Nicholas from England

Wow, Jacques, wow.
Looking at the photos was like re-living every single moment again. I am stunned by how beautiful they are. You captured every mood in each part of the day so well and even individual personalities of different guests on camera – how did you do that?! Magic.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I had serious “back to work sadness” over the last few days but looking at these pictures made me feel like it was the wedding day all over again.
Love, peace and happiness always.

José and Julie from USA

I just wanted to see how things were going with the photos. Everyone LOVED your work so far and are anxious to see how the rest of the pics turn out! Thank you again for everything! Julie and I feel so lucky to have met such a talented photographer and such a nice person. Let us know when you have something up on the online shop. Take care and best wishes!
Blessings to you and your family.

Eva and Cedric from Hong kong

I got your disc, very beautiful pictures!! Love them!!! Thank you very much!!!
Once again, thank u so much for your nice job!! Merci.


Yvonne and Peter from Malaysia

We had received the DVD. Thank you very much for your effort. All our friends and relatives said the pictures are very nice and natural. For sure, we will recommend you to our friends in future.